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People & Careers - ArcelorMittal Tubarão


ArcelorMittal Tubarão sees each employee as the main element to achieve its corporate purpose and mission. One of its basic guidelines is to value the employee to ensure growing levels of productivity and to have a work environment which gives value to competence and fosters self-development in order to fulfil employees’ ambitions regarding personal satisfactions, professional growth, safety, and health preservation in the workplace.

Employees’ satisfaction, professional and personal development, health and safety preservation, not only inside the company but also in their daily family lives, are an integral and inseparable part of ArcelorMittal Tubarão strategic goals.

The Human Resources Management area is strongly focused on supporting business strategy through forefront policies in line with market best practices so as to make the company an employer of choice for people’s competence and leadership.

Human Resources strategy is translated into the Flat Carbon South America (FCSA) Strategic Map Learning and Growth Perspective managed through the Balanced Scorecard Methodology. Human Resources strategic goals are classified in the TOP 10 goals as TOP 1 and 6, respectively as follows:

TOP 1: To ensure excellence in people’s Health, Safety and Leadership for own and contractors’ personnel. Main targets:

  • 1.1) To maintain high health, safety and quality standards for own and contractors’ personnel;
  • 1.2) To ensure the identification, assessment and elimination of occupational health and safety risks. To achieve “zero accidents” to own and contractors’ employees;
  • 1.3) To optimize safety systems (anomalies, inspections, etc.) as a source of management information;
  • 1.4) To be an employer of choice as an acknowledgment for the quality of its leadership;
  • 1.5) To ensure people’s engagement and leadership;
  • 1.6) To ensure a succession plan for all management levels;
  • 1.7) To strengthen the retention and speed up the development of key-personnel to ensure excellence in management leadership.

TOP 6: To attract, retain, and develop employees having the professional profile to support excellence and growth. Main targets:

  • 6.1) To speed up people’s development to face increasing competition in the market and the future need to hire to meet the demands of expansion projects;
  • 6.2) To strengthen the retention and development of key technical personnel to ensure operational excellence;
  • 6.3) To adjust the focus of the organizational climate management giving priority to people’s commitment, entrepreneurial spirit and availability;
  • 6.4) To ensure a fair remuneration policy;
  • 6.5) To maintain open dialogue continuously improving the relationship with the union;
  • 6.6) To continuously develop the communication process with employees to achieve speed, simplicity and transparency;
  • 6.7) To strengthen the competence to deal with cultural diversities;
  • 6.8) To keep the qualification program for people with special needs to identify potential new hires.

ArcelorMittal Tubarão keeps a work environment which values quality of life and encourages professional and personal development as one of its basic values; each employee is seen as an essential link to achieve its strategic goals.

This philosophy has made it possible to build a solid culture of prevention in the company.

It is an ArcelorMittal Tubarão policy to foster Quality Management practices which have an effect on process improvement standards and technological qualification.

Human Resources Profile at ArcelorMittal Tubarão - Mar/2010:
Own personnel 4,456
Nº. of interns (hiring in the year) 361
Minor apprentices – PROCAP (hiring in the year) 162
Educational Background:
% Secondary school 64%
% University graduate 24%
% Post-graduate 12%
% Women 8.50%
% Management positions held by women 4%
Employees age average (in years) 37.81
Average time in the company (in years) 12.91
% Employees above 50 years old 14%
Total absenteeism (lost days not including vacations and including sick leave) 2.36%
LTI Frequency Rate Own: 0.12%
Investment projects: 1.59%
Contractors: 0.98%
Man/hour training/year 111.4%
% Training hours per possible working hours 5.37%

Did you know?

  • Comfort in the car seat - ArcelorMittal Tubarão

    Comfort in the car seat

    Under the cushion of a comfortable car seat there is a complex steel structure and a good chance it has been produced by ArcelorMittal.

    Our steel is also used in the structure that adjusts the seat, the lock that prevents it from sliding and the rails where the seat is mounted.