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29/03/2018 - Brazil Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Forum – A New Business Environment

The CFO / Head of Risk Management & Compliance for ArcelorMittal Brasil – Flat Carbon, Paulo Wanick, took part in the I Brazil Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Forum – A New Business Environment on March 26, held at Golden Tulip Hotel in Vitoria. The event was attended by relevant authorities in the national scenario, such as the Transparency Minister and Controller General of Accounts (CGU), Wagner Rosário.

During the Forum, the ArcelorMittal executive talked about the efforts the group had been implementing to encourage a world ethic corporate culture among the business units to meet expectations of a new social momentum. He also highlighted the pioneering act of including compliance in the corporate management and the difficulties faced in the process, but assured it was the right decision. For Wanick, the companies must be transparent and committed to integrity and ethics. “At ArcelorMittal we work very hard towards this goal. We have the effective support of the top management to continuously build a culture of integrity, which is crucial for the construction of a favourable environment to the expansion of businesses based on and aligned with the highest ethical and legal standards”, he stated.

The I Brazil GRC Forum – A New Business Environment was an initiative of Espírito Santo em Ação and Multieventos, with the support of Secont (Control and Transparency State Secretariat). The goal was to debate the need to create a healthy business environment that favours the management of companies and the relationship between the public and private sectors reinforcing the integration of relevant actors in the national scenario with the integrity agenda.

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