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Who we are - ArcelorMittal Tubarão

Production flow

ArcelorMittal Tubarão is an integrated steel production plant. Its production process encompasses:

  • Reception, preparation and storage of raw materials;
  • Production of sinter, coke and pig iron;
  • Production of hot metal;
  • Transformation of hot metal in slabs and slabs in hot rolled coils;
  • Shipping of finished products by multimodal transportation system.

The processes in the plant also encompass:

  • Generation and distribution of energy and air gases;
  • Treatment and distribution of water;
  • Processing of industrial residues to make co-products;
  • Industrial maintenance services including parts manufacturing;
  • Development of new products;
  • Improvements and expansions investment projects.

Production flow

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Did you know?

  • World Leadership - ArcelorMittal Tubarão

    World Leadership

    Present in over 60 countries and having over 250 thousand employees, the ArcelorMittal Group is a world leader in the production of flat and long steel.

    Having a management model based on three pillars – sustainability, quality and leadership – the Group continuously invests in new technologies aimed to improve the production process and keep the units at the forefront of the world steel sector.

  • People from everywhere - ArcelorMittal Tubarão

    People from everywhere

    In order to build and put the plant in operation Tubarão received professionals from other states and even countries such as Japan and Italy. Determined to contribute to the excellence of the new steel production plant they built a unique corporate culture focused on quality with stability, discipline with happiness and responsibility with creativity.

  • Suitable Location - ArcelorMittal Tubarão

    Suitable Location

    Besides its logistics advantages, ArcelorMittal Tubarão location made it possible to incorporate in its design a modern and efficient sea water system for equipment cooling purposes.

    After being used without no direct contact with any equipment the sea water is returned to the ocean with no change to its initial characteristics.

  • Integrated Plant - ArcelorMittal Tubarão

    Integrated Plant

    ArcelorMittal Tubarão is an integrated steel production plant, which means that the unit carries out all the steps of the steel production process: coke, sinter and pig iron production, hot metal production, slab casting and rolling.

    The plant also produces all the electric power needed in the production in thermo electrical stations using the steam and gases from its production processes.